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Front Rush has changed the way athletic departments operate and now it's time to change the way Admissions and Athletics talk to one another.

The Admissions and Athletics Challenge

Admissions and Athletics work closely together to recruit student-athletes, but use different systems to record recruit information. Admissions uses a CRM/SIS system and athletics uses Front Rush or sometimes no software at all.

Athletic recruits often never make their way to Admissions to be added to the Admissions communication cycle, while Athletics does not have up-to-date information on each recruit’s Admission status.


Info Counselor Has On Recruit

  • - Application Status
  • - Application Items Missing
  • - Grade Point Average
  • - Official Test Scores
  • - Counselor Assigned
  • - Student Type (Freshman or Transfer)
  • - Entry Term

Info Coach Has On Recruit

  • - Interest in School
  • - Email Address
  • - Contact Number
  • - Ratings and Evaluation
  • - Coach Comments

The Result Is Inefficient Data Sharing

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Manual data entry on both ends

Users logging into 2 places

Delayed communication

Doing a job twice - multiple phone calls, emails, reports, and lists

Divided effort

Uninformed decisions

The Solution

It's time to share

The FR Pass was developed by Front Rush to allow data to seamlessly flow back and forth between Front Rush and your Admissions CRM/SIS system.

True Integration
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Connect your admissions software with the software your athletics department is using.

Access new prospects directly from athletics, broadening your pool of high value prospects.

Eliminate data entry. Selected data will automatically populate in Front Rush and your Admissions CRM/SIS.

Easily share information. Stay on the same page by viewing the same data at the same time.

Communicate quickly about a prospect’s current status. Have they applied? What is their application status?

Work together to identify top prospects.

Integrate With Your CRM/SIS

Front Rush has co-developed templated integrations using the FR Pass with the following Admissions CRM partners, which allows for quick set up of an integration.
Hobsons Slate TargetX
Don't see your system listed? We can also work with you to set up a custom integration with other CRM and SIS systems after a technical call with your IT and Admissions colleagues. Let us know what your Admissions Office is using to track prospects and we can discuss the integration that will work best for you.

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